I used the shampoo & conditioner this weekend.  It was amazing !!  Made my hair feel so smooth and smell wonderful.    Hannah

I love my MistScripts.  Just used it ... 3 days of using it and my skin is so much better.  So happy.  The redness and inflammation in my skin is completely gone !  It feels hydrated and calm.  Smells amazing too !   

The wax is killer, perfect !!!  Seriously.  Waiting for the tide to drop and waxing my board.  Feels and works like my old wax but EcoFriendly.  Thanks.                                                      Chris 

SurfScripts.org products are second to none !  The throat/mouth spray works wonders for tooth pain, gum issues and event the discomfort of braces.  We'd rather use an all-natural, topical solution for healing.      Jennifer & Kate

The EarBath, I love this product.  All those herbs, the smell of it, it's so soothing.  It's amazing how fast it works.  I went from feeling so pissed off to just like my ears were taking a bath and soaking in loveliness.  I've tried everything and nothing is working like this stuff.  All Natural.  It's Amazing.  My ear feels like 2 million bucks.  Just sitting down to listen to the ocean break at the beach and it feels so good to be able to hear out of both of my ears clearly.  

Using products made from people who care about the holistic lifestyle benfits everyone with a positive mindset... to all at SurfScripts.org, more blessings everyday ...                                                Chuck 

After healing from a 2 year illness, I now only use truly natural beauty products.  I love SudzScripts body washes because I know they contain no toxins and were truly made with love and care.  And, they just feel good.  My skins loves it     

One day I noticed that my teeth felt smooth and clean, then I remembered that I had started using the Scripts toothpase and mouthwash and I smiled.                                      James 

The Sinus spray works wonderfully.  Immediately after I used it, I went from dealing with my symptoms to expelling them.  The swelling went down so I could breath.  I feel much better - Thank You      Brad

The Intense Spray is fantastic !  It soothes my joint aches within minutes and it lasts for hours.  I also like the lotion combined with the spray - seems to last longer.     Lorie

I use the facial moisurizer and the Relax spray every morning before work.  They're refreshing and they work great !     Kathy

SurfScripts.org is so pleasant to do business with.  They put their heart into the work and it's noticeable.  The products are as pure as it gets and they really know the ingredients and benefits of each item.  Natasha

Nothing but LOVE, I along with everyone in the Resin Magazine office enjoy the smell of the products and results we have - nothing but good things to say.    Wil

I absolutely look forward to using my Scripts body products everyday.  The body wash is amazing and it doubles as a bubble bath.  After a long day at work, I use the Duos Spay and Lotion to relax my overworked muscles.  The LadyScripts is something no woman should be without - perfect for those intense cycles when you can't move.  I cannot find another product line that matches the quality and care that goes into each bottle.    Mel

As a Massage Therapist, I feel like a lucky one - my clients look forward to the benefits and aromas of the oils and sprays I use on them.  I can feel the passion and detail that goes into each bottle every time I use them on myself - feels like a little blessing everytime.  Rachel

I'm obsessed !! I have oily combination skin which easily becomes irritated or overly dry, resulting in further acne. The ComplexScripts wash is perfect for a solid, clean that doesn't dry me out.  I finish up with the MistScripts facial moisturizer which I use every morning and night - so does my boyfriend.  Sarah

The customized ScentScripts is the only thing that keeps my curly hair non-frizzy and shiny without being greasy.  My hair always smells so good.   Liane

This stuff is incredible.  It's what I carry in my surf shop.  The SunScripts not only blocks the Sun but makes you look younger and heals your face rather than giving you skin cancer like 99% of what's out on the market today.   Clint Carroll

My Mom sprayed some Reset and started feeling better almost immediately.  She was amazed at how fast her discomfort went away.  Thank You so very much !!                         Derek & Margie

I love the nasal spray !  If I had to describe it, I would say it is very refreshing and the herbs in it are very enjoyable.   Lellie

My family and I love the Sprays and Lotion - we use them on our pets too, very useful and effective.  Kat

Scripts topicals are very effective for relief from my achy muscles to protecting me from UV rays.  My favorite thing about them is that they are all natural and smell super, super good.    Adam

I love my Scripts products so much !  Such a healthy alternative to everything else with who knows whats in them ! These products are natural and you can tell.  I love the SinusScripts !  I get allergies and snore at night, just a little bit before bed and I can breathe ! The MouthScripts is amazing too.  It has helped my bleeding gums and the cinnamon is yummy.  Again, all natural ingredients.  Thank You !  You've changed my life !    Chad

CoughScripts is very soothing without any weird chemical taste. It's my preferred way to handle a dry, scratchy throat.                     Brandon

I was introduced to the Scripts products after I had burnt my lips from too much sun.  I tried everything and othing was helping or soothing them.  After my first application of the Lip Balm, I noticed a huge difference...my lips had started to heal immediately and the pain was completely gone.  I was back in the water playing and doing what I love.  Thank You for creating a lip balm that goes everywhere with you.  It even looks great over lipstick to add some shine and moisture for the whole day.    Cindy

I love the Wound Wash & Coat !  I use it on my hands after climbing.  It's honestly the best thing out there for skin that has been totally brutalized.  The Psyche Sprays are amazing too and I'm grateful for the honest and thoughtful advice offered when selecting products.  Thanks So Much !   Megan

I'm loving SimpleScripts !!  I've only been using it for a couple of days and my under eye lines have definitely softened !! So Excited !!!     Anni

The topicals are Amazing !
They work quickly and pain/throbbing/aches fades quickly and lasts for hours.  My friends and I swear by the lotions and sprays, plus the earthy, mineral aromas are soothing as well.   Mark

I love how soothing the coating cream is !  It's keeping blisters from my 3rd degree burn from getting chapped and it's not greasy, doesn't sting and absorbs immediately.  I love it !           Ashly

I REALLY love the face moisturizer - everything about it !   I put a tiny bit of the conditioner in my ends and it's magic.  I'm OBSESSED with the deodorant, it smells amazing and works like a charm.  Love the toothpaste also !    Miya

I am head-over-heels with your products !  Loving the spf30 and the tanning oil smells AMAZING.  I use it on both Evie and I after the shower.  My skin looks and feels incredible.                                               Kelly

I had a rash on my arms and couldn't stop the itchiness.  I've had it for awhile and everything I tried hadn't stopped it from spreading or getting worse.  The moment I put the coating lotion on, the rash stopped itching entirely.  After about two weeks of using it, the rash was completely gone.  I even still have some left that I use just for the amazing chamomile smell.  Absolutely grateful.   Kelsey

Mom, I just used the handwash.  Smell my hands, they smell soooo good and minty.        Evie

Decisions: from the waterless lotion to keep my feet from peeling to the rollerball gem perfumes; favorite being Connect for its valuable properties, it’s hard to know what amazing product I want next. SurfScripts.org has put their heart into the research for this brilliant line by answering the why to every product. There are many talented artists to support out there and when buying Surfscripts, many of the proceeds go to a good place . . . and happy endorphins.” Wow, they've got that covered too! Love this line ! I’ll be back for more. Can’t wait for the custom made rose spray —organic, vegan and ocean friendly—for face and body that they’ll soon create for me to give my loved ones on Christmas Day.      Liz                                          

The sprays and lotions really helped speed up my shoulder and knee injury recovery time.  I suggest this to anyone looking for an injury recovery aid.   Dan